Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Wedding Pictures

Jake and Arli
January 23, 2009
Mom, Arli and Daddy!
My beautiful Kids... I know you agree!

I guess she is NOT my baby any longer!

The girls!
Sweet, beautiful, girls!


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Sure miss you! Love, Love... ~Tiff

  2. You do have a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing yoru pics w/ all of us who are too poor to come and see it in person. :)

  3. we missed everyone who couldnt make it, but we want you all to know that you were in our hearts and minds every second!
    love ya

  4. Yay! Thanks for posting more pictures. Everyone looks so fabulous and happy!

  5. Hey, Lor - Did you like the pics? I thought they came out pretty good on the fly... :) We had such a lovely weekend with all of you!
    Still can't believe she's an old married. Well, ok - a young married. Just the sweetest couple. We will talk soon. Love, Hugs and Kisses.