Thursday, February 26, 2009

I Love Blogs!

I love to read.

Really, I will read almost anything.

I have an attachment to mysteries, cookbooks (I read them, like a novel...every word), I have read fun books that I didn't think I would like because a friend has recommended it (and I have loved them-thanks friends), children's books of all kinds sometimes just because, and now I have found a new love, THE BLOG!

Weird huh? [Sarcasm...]

I love to glimpse into others lives. I love the blogs that give tips, that make you think and I love the ones that have recipes-SHOCKER I know!

On my sidebar I have included some of my favorites. Enjoy them along with me. If you have any other good ones that you love let me know, even if they are your very own blogs, I am sure I will enjoy it too.
TODAY I found these.


it specifically came from this post

I am going to make some. I will let you know how it works out!

This blog has some really great recipes

I am going to try these soon too!

Someday I would really enjoy writing a cookbook. Any one wanna help?

*I know there is a trick to writing "here" instead of the entire link, but once again my girls arent around...I will learn and the next post will be better!


  1. I love the headbands-I think I may make some too!

  2. Hi Lorri!
    To make hyperlink text, just type what you want to say, then highlight the words that you want to have the hyperlink. Then look at the icons at the top of your post, and there is a picture of a globe with a two links of a chain over it (next to the bold, italics, and text color icons). Click on the globe-link icon and type in the link in the pop-up window and click "okay". That's it! I found that out by accident! Have fun!