Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am sitting at the computer today finally calm. All the stress of the wedding and trip to Idaho gone. I have caught up on my sleep, (well kind of) and I am back to the normal day to day routine.

As I sit I contemplate my future and wonder what is in store.

Sure the normal stuff.
Basketball games (by the way Dave dunked it last fun!), school activities, church activities, concerts, babysitting (at least for a short time until Whit is finished working full time) and normal mom stuff.
I finally have the time to check on my substitute teaching certificate, to study for my official teaching certificate and to clear up that stupid ticket I got ages ago and forgot about-
I have already devoured 2 books since the wedding and have begun the 3rd.
By the way any good book suggestions? I forgot how much I love reading! Unfortunately it wasn't as enjoyable while I was so busy!
I even feel a LITTLE like organizing the craft room. Notice the emphasis on little?
As much as I miss Arli and Jake, I don't miss the craziness of the preparations.
As much as I enjoyed the wedding, I don't miss the stress!
As much as I loved Idaho, I don't miss the cold. . .Oh yeah, it is cold here too!
Yep, the future is wide open.
At least until the next wedding!


  1. Even though it sounds busy, it sounds wonderful! Congrats on everything!! We miss you!

  2. Lorri, you are awesome! I love talking to you. You always make me laugh!

    I am so happy for you and Arli!

    What kind of books do you like?