Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who is that Girl? Woman?

So evidently my hair has gotten so long that I was starting to feel the urge to climb into a tower and wait for Prince Charming. So Whitney found a Locks for Love salon and got me an appointment! There are many reasons to go get your haircut at a Locks for Love studio. . .
  1. Hopefully someone will enjoy the hair you donate in the form of a mixture of your hair and other hair in a fine Hairpiece! I love that someone can benifit from my pain in the neck!
  2. The haircut is Free!!! Gotta love that!!!
  3. You get to spend some quite time at the salon.
I was a little nervous getting my hair done, going from LONG to SHORT is kinda scary! But I was really sick of the hair. . .SO. . .off I went.
I continued to be nervous when she put that ponytail in my hair, it was at the nape of my neck! Shirley the cute little hairdresser cried "oh my you have 14 inches!" She moved the ponytail holder down a little.

"phew" I thought Shirley wont have to cut as much off since they only need 10 inches!" Now imagine my shock when it was cut to my CHIN!!! "ok, Lor, just remember some sweet kid can go to school and the other kids wont tease them. . . DONT PANIC" Imagine how short it would be if I only had 10 inches. . .holy cow!
I have to say Shirley is quite the miracle worker. . .as short as it is I have to say "I love it!!!" Now I am hooked, I wanna save a $100 bucks so I can get some highlights!

So tell me, what do you think? Is it me?


  1. Lorri,
    Alright, this is nate and yes I like your hair, and I really think it is neat to donate for that program. How neat it is that you would donate your hair. Good job!

    Love ya

  2. you look ravishing...I've always wondered if i could pull off the short definitely can though!! when I donated before my hair was so long that with 10 inches off it was still a my shoulders!!

  3. I love your hair! It is so cute, just like you. You look younger, too!

  4. So cute! I absolutely love it. It looks thick too and uber healthy too!! You should do shampoo commercials, he he.

  5. I like it! You look the same as in High School. What happened to me? Hope you are doing well. Talk to you later.
    Lynette M.

  6. Lorri Rae
    I love your hair! I have been meaning to call you and let you know how much I love it! You look beautiful. Im loving it!

  7. Hey Lor... I LOVE your hair. I tried to post a few days ago and it wouldnt take my password? weird! You look great!! Love ya. Tiffer

  8. I love it! You are smokin' hot!