Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Least Favorite Job?

What do you think your least favorite JOB would be? I have many thoughts, plumbers, garbage man, butcher, baker, candlestick maker and even the dreaded pedicurist.

the cart boy/girl at any of your neighborhood mega stores!

It is NEVER ending!

Why just today I saw a poor guy pushing like 50 carts back into the near cartless store.
I walked my cart to the empty corral where I am sure he just picked all those carts up.
I really did feel bad, and part of me even wanted to run it into the store for him...

I left it for his next trip
turned and walked back to my car
and away I drove
At least I returned it!
Yes, a lot of times it gets left by my car (that is his job right?) Dont make me feel guilty!
I hate that walk, even though I know I can use it!

What would be the job you would HATE the most?


  1. You mentioned butcher. At first that doesn't sound too bad. But once Terra and I bought chicken in bulk and I spent sometime separating it from the bone. I got so sick, granted it was raw and I don't remember why we didn't just cook it first and then separate, but it must of been a good reason. I started gaging and almost threw up. I do have a weak stomach though.

  2. worst job....hmmm...how about a septic tank guy, you know anything having to do with cleaning up human waste. yuck.

  3. I definitely feel badly for those cart guys, but they make it so easy with that push machine now, I just want to operate that machine. I'd say worst job would have to be cleaning dog poop at Lorri's house. . .but honestly for me it would have to be cleaning up in hospitals. All that throw up, after-birth, human stuff. Just gross.

  4. I say Funeral Home Director....I mean why would you purposely put yourself in the position of having to see devastated, sad and depressed people on a regular basis? I would cry every single day after work!
    I hope nobody's Dad or husband is one! :-o

  5. Worst job?? The one that requires you to respond to: "Clean up on aisle 5" Because, who knows what you are coming up on! Once Victoria got sick at the grocery store - now, she is awesome because of all the places it landed, it was on the small section that had a small carpet mat. It's one thing cleaning up after your kids, but someone elses? YUCK!