Thursday, October 16, 2008

Anyone For A Game?

I am a game loving FREAK!

I got Monopoly for us on our first Christmas.

Rick and I played that night, and played and played and played.
Finally I was ready to stop, I was winning!
Rick wasnt, but he was having a ball!
I fell asleep on the floor, he kept playing for BOTH of us!
Rick wrote the score on the lid of the box...I had all the money!
At least he is honest, and we STILL have the box with the winning score! I dont know why he isnt embarrassed?!

Apples to Apples is the Best! I love it cuz you can make any card work any way you gotta be fast talking and smooth (that is SO me!)
We played with my in-laws and all the family and we all loved it, that doesnt happen very often, too often someone doesnt enjoy the game! Not this one

My family in AZ really likes Rummikub!
I dont know is just fun! Maybe cuz only 4 people can play so we have a quieter group, (oh wait that is a lie, we are never quiet besides we always add more people anyway, sometimes there are 10) or maybe cuz you have to think and count.

Maybe just cuz its fun!

I reallly enjoy Trivial Pursuit!
I dont always win but I like to think I am good at this game, makes me feel SMART!
Dont you feel smart when you answer a question?
They have a new version out with three levels of difficulty!
Maybe that will be my Christmas game this year.

(mofia game)

Last but not least we played Mofia this summer when Jake came out.
It doesnt have a board, (wierd) or dice or cards or little people to move about.
You have to be clever, but mostly just a good actor...
Sometimes your the good guy, sometimes the bad!
Mostly you laugh and laugh and laugh!
I played something simular in high school, but this was better.
I guess no matter what
I am a game loving FREAK!

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  1. Im for a game sis. Get over here and let me whoop your bahookie at UNO! Cant wait to see you and play games! Miss ya tons. Love ya... Tiffer