Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Baby Boy! How I Love Him!!

First let me say...I am not a ONE picture kinda gal...so if your not into pictures I am sure you will be bored, but I love pictures! They say more than I can! So read and LOOK on!
My son David is adorable!

I remember the day he was born like it was YESTERDAY! Sadly it was 21 years and 5 months ago today! ( so we will call this his un-birthday...I just want to boast)

MY oldest and only boy!
He loves sports, always has...any type. He can tell you anything you wanna know about them- scores, odds, player rosters, and anything about the March Madness basketball stuff, you know all the stuff I dont!
HE is 6'5" he should know about all this stuff!
He has played baseball, football, soccer, etc.
He played basketball in high school and loved it...we were so proud!
Still ARE!

He has lived at home, away from home, clear across the country and just an hour or so near by. I like the hour or so near by, we can still visit!
YEAH! Visiting is fun!
He lives in Queens, NYC in a really cool apartment!
I MEAN REALLY COOL! I wish I had it!!
It is amazing when your children are young how you love them so much. . .but some how in your mind figure once they grow up you wont have to worry or fret about them 'as much'. . .hmmmmmmmm
If I could repent about those thoughts at all...I would have to say I was wrong, I think you Worry MORE!
when they are young you can pick them up and carry them safely from the danger, or cuddle with them if they are scared. Usually, a five year old will tell you all their thoughts and feelings. Trust me I hear so few details from my 21 year old. His communication skills are more advanced since he was 5, but his desire to communicate his secrets is not a strong...
I love my boy! He has grown into a fine young man!

He works hard!
He has good political ideas! (we taught him well. . .although Grammy doesn't think
so. . . he he! GO McCain/Palin)
He is a wonderful older brother to his 3 sisters!
they truly love him!
Thank you Heavenly Father for the blessing of being Baby Davey's Mommy!
I love him!

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  1. What a nice tribute. He really is a great kid. I can still call him a kid right. We really enjoyed seeing him when he came through.

    Uncle Hoops