Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Can you tell?

Beautiful Isn't It?
YES, I fell down the stairs again.
I have slid down on my tailbone so many times I am sure
my tailbone will NEVER forgive me.
I might just head to the medical supply store for a pillow with the hole in it, I think it's for hemorrhoids, so I can sit comfortably.
Unfortunately, my arm got the brunt of it this time.
I sat and watch the amazing process of INSTANT swelling and color change in my arm!
Rick took this picture a mere 1.5 days later,
still very swollen and painful and getting more and more
by the moment!
I wish you could see the swelling, it's the size of a softball!
Oh yeah, did I mention it Hurts?
My arm and every part of my body that was jolted around as I tried to save my fanny from pain.
You better be thankful fanny!


  1. LORRI!!!! SAD!! I feel horrible for you! xoxoxox

  2. Oooooo..... are you sure something is not broken (other than your pride)??? Maybe you should start going down the stairs on your fanny to start with. My sister does!

  3. Buy some witch-hazel and soak a cotton ball and saturate your bruise for quit some time. This will help.
    Start paying attention around the stairs too. Get better, we love you!!!


  4. I feel so horrible for you!.....I promise I'm trying really hard not to giggle about it :) I love you

  5. hey lor,
    i am so sorry! how horrible. hey if you buy some Arnica. Its a natural herb, but it really works. An old Mexican man told me about it! Love you tons, leeann