Friday, July 13, 2012

The Thorne Family...and one on the way! (Arli)

The Thorne Family
Arli and Jake have one coming any minute now a sweet little girl...Hurry Avery, Hurry!
Rick, Lorri, Jake, Arli, (Avery), Taylor, David, and Danie girl!

How cute are they?
Trust me they get cuter!!!
David, Taylor, Arli and Danielle

David in the MTC
He is the super tall dude in the middle!

Jumping off the wall, of course!
Arli finished BYU in El. Education in April!!!!!
and now she has only
Arli 2 weeks to go!!!!

Jake in Cambodia.  Married to Arli!
Jake wants to be a helicopter pilot!

Taylor Ra`Chelle

Danie Marie!

I cant tell you how much I love my kids!!! They are amazing, 

funny and keep me happy!

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