Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Happy Day!

It was a sunny, warm day! 
And I was still feeling down! 
I thought I would change up my blog, maybe give me some upness
(I know it isnt a word....but who cares today?)
but I couldnt get it to work right!
it was cute for a minute then I messed it up again!
So look for things to make me happy,
Taylor to do well in her Track meet tomorrow!
Me to fix my Blog so it looks BEAUTIful!
Danie to have a great semester!
A fairy to come to my house and seriously clean it so we can put it on the market..........................AGAIN!
Rick to get lots of Jobs!
David to continue to work!
Arli to finally finish school! 2 semesters aint bad!
Could that be making me feel a little down?
Our house on the market again.....
I hope is sells this time, it is depressing!
Oh well, I hate to Vent but that is what a blog is for sometimes!
I am greatful for
A friend who will listen to me whine and love me anyway!
Lorri Rae!

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