Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I am back!

WE had a good time in Idaho.  We did some shopping, and we ate at a great resturaunt...had the best server ever, I think her name was Arli!
Doesnt she look happy?We did some cooking! My apron was less risque!but she looked better in hers!  {snicker}
HOPEFULLY there will be some good Job news by the end of April or so!

I got to see my David too!
We had fun watching March Madness (what do you think we watched?)  Eating mexican and they were so kind to watch Amazing Race and Undercover boss with me!
  I think they even enjoyed it a little! {or they are good pretenders, snicker}
Danie went too.
WE looked at schools, I think Logan is winning, but we are pushing BYU-I!
We shopped for prom dresses in
I Promise that is where we were!  Oh my gosh it was So much fun!
We did find  one just have to order it!

We had a busy 10 days but we learned alot about school.
Both for Danie and for me.
Hopefully we will both get what we want and need and be able to recognize it when it comes!

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