Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Bright Sunshiny Day

Oh I love Spring!
It makes me smile!
I love the. . .
It is so refreshing to me!
Our Father in Heaven gave us opposites so we might appreciate the good. Today has been a testimony builder to me about opposites and why we have them! Spring after winter, sun after showers, fall after hot summers (of course I do love summers. . . that is for another post)! WE have the beautiful sun! It makes me want to cook and clean (kinda, I really have to dust and vacuum) go for a walk, and SING out loud and just be apart of the real world!
Winter makes me want to hibernate, really. Just head to my room and cuddle up with a good book. Just give me my coke or hot chocolate and a big bowl of popcorn. It would be wonderful to have a yummy, steaming hot bowl of my new recipe for split pea and ham soup!
But right now it is spring
and I will enjoy all the sunshine my Heavenly Father gives me!
Maybe today is the day to go outside and grill!
Mmmm, grilled chicken and a big salad!
Thanks Heavenly Father for spring!


  1. It was so beautiful here today too! I loved it. NO wind... hooray! :) Love you and miss you lots!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ok I wont brag about how nice it has been here! So nice that I sleep with my window open at night! Yeah!! So nice. Of course give it another month or two and I will be hating the 110 heat! I love you and miss you!

  3. Nice blog Lor! Thanks for sharing! I love you!