Friday, June 15, 2012

Elder Thorne 6-11-2012

David is training an Elder from Florida.  This Elder has to wait for his visa so he is in CA until it comes through.  I am sure it is a great experience for both of them!  His Mission President must have a lot of faith in Dave to have him training so early!  I hope and pray each day that Heavenly Father will Bless him to be the best trainer possible!  Enjoy...

Keep working hard. I know that the lord will bless you. Everything will happen when its supposed to. You just have to keep having faith and TRUST in God. You will recieve all that you need. 

This week has went by so fast. training is going good. its hard but its going. He is from florida, we have been having communication issues, but nothing serious. We are working on them. I Think i talk to fast for him. He is from a small town in north florida, about 10 mins from georgia and I am almost positive my Jersey Pace is hard for him. He is a good missionary but he moves slow talks slow and thinks slow. NOT necesssarily a bad thing! Im learning to slow down and he is learning to speed up. its working out. I dont HAVE to learn portugese but im going to try. He is waiting for his Visa so he can go to Brazil.

 I think that Avery is coming the first week or two in july. Mark it down that i said so!! IM GOING TO WIN THE BET!! ILL HAVE THE BRAGGING RIGHTS and LIKE ALWAYS ILL BE RIGHT AGAIN!!!!!!  Some things NEVER change! :D

We had a baptism on tuesday and our investigators are progressing nicely! Kaity and Ramone are excited for their baptism. Its July 14th. I cant wait. I dont have much time but I LOVE YOU and ill email next week. 

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