Saturday, July 17, 2010

My Handsome Brother, Len

You've met my wonderful brother Len before on my blog. 
If you didn't figure it out then
I guess I will have to tell you straight out!
I really love my brother!
He is a good example, nice guy and works hard.
Now I am not saying he is perfect...
I knew him as a kid remember?
I could tell you some GREAT stories.
There was the time I threw the phone at him and hit him in the elbow.
We didn't have cordless phones back then so it was like a boomerang when the cord shot it straight back at me!
Mom and Dad were gone, he ran to the neighbors...tattletale! lol!
Or the time I tried to hang spit and suck it back up over is face as a form of torture...
any guesses if it worked or not?
Ok, it didn't, HE THREW UP just cuz it landed in his ear-BIG BABY! lol!
I actually dont remember any specific teasing he did to me, maybe I was somewhere else back then.
Head in the clouds, boys, cheerleading, boys.
I do remember that he was one  of the biggest teases I have ever known.
This post will teach him to call me 'tree' and 'ski slop nose'!
I am saying he is pretty great!

Happy Birthday dear brother!
I love you!

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