Sunday, June 27, 2010

BOB OH BOB! You Lost your BIrthday, But I found it!

Want to hear a funny story about Bob?
Well if he hates me after this I have witnesses!

His oldest and sweetheart of a daughter wrote this about this picture!
"So I'm at wal-mart, thinking that my dad is safe and sound at my house, putting up Christmas lights for me; when I get a call from him saying that the ladder broke and that he's stuck on my roof....This is what I came home to; Dad stuck on the roof :D"
I happen to adore this!  It shows how much Bob loves his kids! plus look what he is wearing....nice day!
Yes Bob is a Police Officer! Just look at his nifty car!

He loves his job and he is good at it!  If you live by him and  get pulled over  just mention my name, you should find yourself having a whole lot more fun!!!!  Maybe he will even give you a ride in his great car and give you a free bed and a lovely meal!  You never know he may really, really  like you if you mention
my name!

Bob is a great dad!  He loves his kids and grandkids...
yes he has two!
He married my beautiful sister, he is so lucky!

Happy Birthday Bob!
sorry I am so know me!

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